Proven, simplified approach to consistent shooting form… and RESULTS!


by LARRY WISE, International Champion & Archery Coach


What is Core Archery? 

It is about proper back tension and much more on the building blocks of consistent, solid shooting form! 

• Core Archery is a systematic set of archery shooting form steps built around the proper use of your skeleton. 


Throughout each form step the governing theme is to maximize skeleton and minimize muscle. If you do this, your form will be energy efficient, fatigue resistant and highly repeatable. 

• Core Archery is a complete system of archery shooting form, presented here as the sequence of proper mental and physical actions required to launch an arrow to the target center. It consists of only the necessary and sufficient actions needed, and it has been validated by many archers. 


This book gives you the insight into good archery shooting form that will allow you to find the form you’ve lost or to gain it for the first time. Most important, when you learn Core Archery, you’ll be able to repeat your form, shot after shot after shot. Archery is a simple two-step sport. Step One is to learn to shoot a ten. Step Two is to repeat Step One!


Paperback, 5-1/2” x 8-1/2”, 140 pages

BOOK: "Core Archery"