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by Bill “Bearcrazy” Wiesner Jr. with Glenn Helgeland


Bill “Bearcrazy” Wiesner knows bears and bear hunting. He has taken 57 black bears. He, his wife and two sons have taken more than 100, 30 of which qualify for the Pope & Young record book and seven of which qualify for the Boone & Crockett record book. 

Ten hunting how-to chapters and 10 memoir chapters. How-to chapters include black bear natural history; distribution, population & record book entry totals (by state and province); hunting gear (rifle, slug gun, handgun, muzzleloader, bow, crossbow), camo, and other necessary bear hunting items; hunting from ground blinds; hunting styles (D-I-Y, guided, hounds, spot-and-stalk); scouting; baiting and scents; new twists (food plots, calling, decoying); the shot (before, during, after); care of hide for taxidermy; care of meat (processing, freezing, recipes). 

Memoir chapters include hunting and scouting incidents, unusual personalities, bears encountered, and family involvement during the author’s growth as a bear hunter. They are entertaining reading.


Paperback Book, 5-1/2” x 8-1/2”, 172 pages

BOOK: "The Bear Hunting Obsession of A Driven Man"

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