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Dale Goytowski, Waunakee
Harvested 05-01-2020 in Iowa County.
Mike Brust, Wausau
Harvested 5-13-20 in Marathon County.
Dale Goytowski, Waunakee
Harvested 05-13-2020 in Iowa County. 20.5 lb. 3rd Turkey of the Spring
Tara Pizer, Richland Center
Harvested 05-16-2020 in Richland County.
Dale Goytowski, Waunakee
Harvested 05-06-2020 in Iowa County. 20.7 lb. Gobbler
Mike Brust, Wausau
Harvested 5-6-20 in Marathon County.
Don Rogalski
Don Rogalski shot this 9 point buck at 8:00am on September 13, 2020
Jay Richards
Jay Richards shot on 9/17/20 Wearing his 2008 WBH lucky hat.
Brook Burling
Brook Burling #40185 harvested this 200 lb black bear boar on 9/10/20.
Michael Schumacher
Mike harvested this female coyote on 9/19/20 in Fond du Lac County.
Henry J. Tyl
Henry harvested this 10 point buck on Sept 18, 2020 in Richland County.
Tony Wenninger
Tony Wenninger harvested this bear on 9/10/2020, on private land in Taylor Cty
Jeff Peterson
Jeff is from Bangor WI harvested this buck on 10/30/20 in Jackson Cty
Steven F. Thiel
Steven Harvested this buck on 10-30-20 in Richland County
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Terry Aide, Pleasant Prairie
Harvested 11/15/2019 in Jackson County.
Jeff R. Lange, Dane
Harvested 10/20/2018 in Dane County. 235 lb. dressed.
Kevin See, Poynette
Harvested on 11/09/2019 is Wisconsin.
Guy Schultz, Fredonia
Harvested the weekend of 11/02/2019 in Sauk County.
Bruce Muche, Mayville
Harvested in Waupaca County on 12/23/2019.
Pete Schaber, Wisc. Dells
Harvested 11/11/2019 in Adams County.
Jeff Schultz, Cottage Grove
Harvested 9/21/2019 in Ontario, Canada.
Randy Schupbach, Brodhead
Harvested in Green Cty. on 11/01/2019. Inside spread 20", rough green score net 133 4/8.
Randy Hinkes, Mukwonago
Harvested 10/26/2019 in Richland Cty. 10 points, 175# dressed.
Ron Kulas, Delafield
Taken in Indiana on 10/05/2019. 15-yard shot, Woodsman broadhead.
Shellmarie Arnold, Grantsburg
Harvested her first ever archery deer on 10/29/2019 in Burnett Cty.
Corey Arnold, Grantsburg
Harvested this 8 pt, 205 lb. buck on 10/16/2019 in Burnett County.
Corey Arnold, Grantsburg
Harvested this 4x4 bull elk on 9/02/2019 in Routt Cty, Colorado.
Ronald Mayer, New Berlin
Harvested on 5/12/2019 in Waukesha County.
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Corey Arnold, Grantsburg
Harvested this 5x5 elk on 9/11/2018 in Routt County, Colorado.
Jim Burns, Madison
Harvested November 22, 2018.
Rick Mortenson, Rosendale
Harvested in Richland County on May 10, 2018.
Larry Bunnell, Brillion
Harvested 11/08/2018 in Brown County.
Rachel Bunnell, Brillion
Harvested 10/30/2018 in Marinette County.
Jay Robenhagen, Marion
Harvested 10/28/2018 in Shawano County.
Marc Bonin, Platteville
Harvested 10/12/2018 in Lafayette County.
Dennis Kohlmeyer, Dane
Harvested 5/2/2018 in Iowa County.
Robert Butler, Menomonee Falls
Harvested 4/19/2018 in Ozaukee County.
Greg Miller, Stoddard
Harvested 10/28/2018 in Vernon County. Scored 131 3/8
Rick Anderson, DeForest
Harvested 10/20/2018 in Crawford County. Dressed weight 226 lbs.
Gary Birkholz, Windsor
Harvested in Bayfield County on 9/07/2018.
Greg Hensen, Arcadia
Harvested 11/05/2018 in Buffalo County.
John Guillen, Chilton
Harvested 9/12/2018 in Ashland County. Scored 20 7/16.
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Rachel Bunnell, Brillion
9-Pointer, Marinette County, 11/05/2017
Colton Leino, New Holstein WI
Harvested 9/25/2017 Calumet County.
Colton Leino, New Holstein WI
Harvested 9-18-2017 in Calumet County.
Austin Felts, Friendship WI
Harvested 9/25/2017 Adams County.
Marc Bonin, Platteville
11/15, LaFayette Co. Gross score 156 1/8, Net score 127 4/8.
Terry Aide, Pleasant Prairie
11/09, Jackson Co.
John Hephner
11-08, Marinette Co,
Randy Hinkes, Mukwonago
4/22, Waukesha Co.
Randy Hinkes, Mukwango
5/14, Richland Co.
Randy Hinkes, Mukwonago
11/04, Richland Co.
Richard R. Schnell, Mequon
5/03, Ozaukee Co.
Jr. Krolow
9/18, Shawano Co.
Austin Felts
11/2, Shawano Co
John Ramsey, Baraboo
5/4, Sauk Co., 68.250
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Dan Eoriatti, Ettrick
11/02/2016. Non-typical 17-pointer grossed 168 2/8, netted 144.
Pete Bonin, Platteville
9/08, Sawyer Co. P&Y score 19, Live weight 450#, Dressed weight 389#
Kurt Feller
Sauk Co.
Dennis Kersten, Tigerton
10/30, 11-pointer, 222.2 lbs, scored 144, Shawano Co.
Nancy Lehman, Walworth
11/5/2016, 8 pt, 190 lbs., Walworth Co
Mark & Patty Giese, Pewaukee
11/12, Crawford Co., Net score: 137 3/8.
Jim Finn, Duluth, MN
9/2, Harvested near Onalaska, WI
Lester Rayome, Hudson
11/3, Coyote, Marquette Co.
Mike Birkholz, DeForest
10/31, 8-pointer, Score: 143 5/8.
Don Voss, Beaver Dam
11/12, 13-point 165 lbs, Columbia Co.
Gary Birkholz, Windsor
11/3, 8-pointer
Paul Wickingson, Overland Park, KS
11/2016, Miami Co., Kansas
Rick Schnel
Michael Sokol, Plymouth
10/1, SE Alaska harvest
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Judah Schmude
Lee J. Kleim, Onalaska
11/1/2015, 186#, LaCrosse Co
Jacob Horstman, LaCrosse
Age 17, LaCrosse Co
Junior Krolow
10/31/2015, 216#, Shawano Co
Chad Crass, Grafton
1/6/2015, Jackson Co
Dennis Felts
10/26/2015, 164#, Shawano Co
Richard Schnell, Mequon
5/16/2015, Ozaukee Co
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Colton Leino, New Holstein WI

Harvested 9-18-2017 in Calumet County.