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Kevin See, Poynette
Harvested on 11/09/2019 is Wisconsin.
Guy Schultz, Fredonia
Harvested the weekend of 11/02/2019 in Sauk County.
Bruce Muche, Mayville
Harvested in Waupaca County on 12/23/2019.
Pete Schaber, Wisc. Dells
Harvested 11/11/2019 in Adams County.
Jeff Schultz, Cottage Grove
Harvested 9/21/2019 in Ontario, Canada.
Randy Schupbach, Brodhead
Harvested in Green Cty. on 11/01/2019. Inside spread 20", rough green score net 133 4/8.
Randy Hinkes, Mukwonago
Harvested 10/26/2019 in Richland Cty. 10 points, 175# dressed.
Ron Kulas, Delafield
Taken in Indiana on 10/05/2019. 15-yard shot, Woodsman broadhead.
Shellmarie Arnold, Grantsburg
Harvested her first ever archery deer on 10/29/2019 in Burnett Cty.
Corey Arnold, Grantsburg
Harvested this 8 pt, 205 lb. buck on 10/16/2019 in Burnett County.
Corey Arnold, Grantsburg
Harvested this 4x4 bull elk on 9/02/2019 in Routt Cty, Colorado.
Ronald Mayer, New Berlin
Harvested on 5/12/2019 in Waukesha County.
Bridget Vian & Dad Jeff, Windsor
Harvested on 10/27/2019 in Columbia Cty. Bridget's 8-ptr. & Jeff's 11-ptr.
Tony Wenninger, Hartford
Harvested 9/29/2019 in Washington County. Inside spread 17 3/8".
Dan Schroeder, New London
Harvested 10/29/2019 in Pierce County. 11 pts, 18 1/2" spread, 235# dressed.
Jim Schoenike, Germantown
Harvested 10/12/2019 in Shawano County.
Bill See, Poynette
Harvested 11/04/2019 in Colombia County. 75 yrs old and still getting it done!
Tracy Bins, Green Bay
Harvested 9/28/2019 in Brown County. 8-pointer, dressed out at 151 lbs.
Ron Kulas, Delafield
Harvested 9/20/2019 in Waukesha County. 10-yard shot, 50-yard run.
Mark Meyer, Pardeeville
Harvested in Vilas County on 9/17/2019. Waited 11 years for a tag!
Ron Kulas, Delafield
Harvested 9/04/2019 in Idaho with a 43 yard shot.
Austin Felts, Friendship
25.5 lb tom turkey harvested 5/1/2019 in Shawano County.
Pete Schaber, Wisconsin Dells
Harvested 9/14/2019 in Bayfield County.
Mike Paulcheck, Fort Atkinson
Turkey harvested May 26, 2019 in Iowa County.
Dan Norder, Appleton
Turkey harvested 05/02/2019 in Outagamie County.
Rick Mortenson, Rosendale
Arrowed this cat in Forest County on January 15, 2019.
Ronald Mayer, New Berlin
Harvested in Waukesha County January 3, 2019.
Ron Kulas, Delafield
11 ft Florida alligator with 1700 gr. aluminum over solid glass arrow 2/22/2019
Ron Kulas, Delafield
Harvested 1-02-2019 in Waukesha Cty. 10-pointer weighed 205 lbs dressed.
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Corey Arnold, Grantsburg
Harvested this 5x5 elk on 9/11/2018 in Routt County, Colorado.
Jim Burns, Madison
Harvested November 22, 2018.
Rick Mortenson, Rosendale
Harvested in Richland County on May 10, 2018.
Larry Bunnell, Brillion
Harvested 11/08/2018 in Brown County.
Rachel Bunnell, Brillion
Harvested 10/30/2018 in Marinette County.
Jay Robenhagen, Marion
Harvested 10/28/2018 in Shawano County.
Marc Bonin, Platteville
Harvested 10/12/2018 in Lafayette County.
Dennis Kohlmeyer, Dane
Harvested 5/2/2018 in Iowa County.
Robert Butler, Menomonee Falls
Harvested 4/19/2018 in Ozaukee County.
Greg Miller, Stoddard
Harvested 10/28/2018 in Vernon County. Scored 131 3/8
Rick Anderson, DeForest
Harvested 10/20/2018 in Crawford County. Dressed weight 226 lbs.
Gary Birkholz, Windsor
Harvested in Bayfield County on 9/07/2018.
Greg Hensen, Arcadia
Harvested 11/05/2018 in Buffalo County.
John Guillen, Chilton
Harvested 9/12/2018 in Ashland County. Scored 20 7/16.
Ron Kulas, Delafield
Buck harvested in Indiana on 10-20-2018.
Jacob Horstman, La Crosse
Corsican ram harvested 7-22-2018 in Wisconsin
Craig Mohlman, Columbus
Harvested in Columbia County 11/01/2018.
Mike Brust, Wausau
Harvested with a 5-yard shot on 11/05/2018 in Marathon County.
Randy Kibler, Kenosha
Harvested 11/02/2018 in Trempealeau. 185 lbs. dressed.
Tracy Bins, Green Bay
8 pt. buck harvested 9/30/2018 in Brown County.
Ramsey Walenton, Whitewater
22" inside spread buck, harvested 10/21/2018 in Walworth County.
Gary Pechinski, Rudolph
250#, 10 pt. buck harvested 11/01/2018 in Portage County.
Gordon Bentley, Montello
10 pt. buck harvested 10/26/2018.
Steve Dorn, Lodi
20 lb. Turkey harvested 10/06/2018 in Sauk County.
Phil Kalscheur, Madison
Elk harvested in Wyoming on 9/14/2018
Michael G. Johnson, Brodhead
200 lb. Boar harvested 9/06/2018 near Superior
Dale Goytowski, Waunakee
23.2 lb. Turkey harvested in Iowa County 5/10/2018
Dale Goytowski, Waunakee
20.9 lb Turkey harvested in Iowa County 4/30/2018
Mike Brust, Wausau
21 3/4 lbs., 7/8" & 1" spurs, double beards 10 1/8" & 9 3/4", Marathon County 5/16/2018
Mike Brust, Wausau
25 3/4 lbs., 1" spurs, 10 1/4" beard, Marathon County 5/10/2018
Austin Felts, Friendship
10" beard, 20 lbs., Shawano County 4/25/2018
Dave Peterson, West Salem
Monroe County 4/21/2018
Ron Kulas, Delafield
Uvalde, Texas Water Buffalo 3/31/2018
Ron Kulas, Delafield
Uvalde, Texas Boar hog 4/01/2018
Ron Kulas, Delafield WI
Taken on Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii on 2/20/2018.
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Rachel Bunnell, Brillion
9-Pointer, Marinette County, 11/05/2017
Colton Leino, New Holstein WI
Harvested 9/25/2017 Calumet County.
Colton Leino, New Holstein WI
Harvested 9-18-2017 in Calumet County.
Austin Felts, Friendship WI
Harvested 9/25/2017 Adams County.
Marc Bonin, Platteville
11/15, LaFayette Co. Gross score 156 1/8, Net score 127 4/8.
Terry Aide, Pleasant Prairie
11/09, Jackson Co.
John Hephner
11-08, Marinette Co,
Randy Hinkes, Mukwonago
4/22, Waukesha Co.
Randy Hinkes, Mukwango
5/14, Richland Co.
Randy Hinkes, Mukwonago
11/04, Richland Co.
Richard R. Schnell, Mequon
5/03, Ozaukee Co.
Jr. Krolow
9/18, Shawano Co.
Austin Felts
11/2, Shawano Co
John Ramsey, Baraboo
5/4, Sauk Co., 68.250
Tim Lechner, Mayville
11/3, Portage Co.
Jeff Lange, Dane
5/21, Price Co. 62.750
Barry Holloway, Baraboo
11/5 Sauk Co
Michael Whalen, Holmen
5/13, LaCrosse Co.
Corey Arnold, Grantsburg
11/1, Burnette Co., Taken on DMAP enrolled property.
John Ramsey, Baraboo
8/21, Campbell Co., WY, 68.0/8
Steven Thiel, Colgate
10/27, Richland Co
215 lbs.
Michael Johnson, Brodhead
11/1, Rock Co.
Lloyd Lechner, Mayville
10/29, Portage Co.
Michael Paulcheck, Pardeeville
5/11, Columbia Co.
Dave Peterson, West Salem
Pronghorn, 9/17, WY
Randy Kibler
10/30, Trempealeau Co 201 lbs.
Chris Baltz, Malone
11/8, Fond du Lac Co
50+ years hunting with a recurve "practice pays off"
Richard Schnell, Mequon
5/3, Ozaukee Co
Steve Keyser, Green Bay
11-3-2017 Vilas Co
Dave Peterson, West Salem
9/13, Bayfield Co
Dale Goytowski, Waunakee
9/17, Canadian Moose, Alberta, Canada
Tim Stechschulte, Argyle
11/8, Green Co
Ron Kulas, Delafield
11/1, Marathon Co
Scott Strook, Mayville
Sauk Co.
Greg Szalewski, Menomonee Falls
9/10, Shiras Moose, CO.
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Dan Eoriatti, Ettrick
11/02/2016. Non-typical 17-pointer grossed 168 2/8, netted 144.
Pete Bonin, Platteville
9/08, Sawyer Co. P&Y score 19, Live weight 450#, Dressed weight 389#
Kurt Feller
Sauk Co.
Dennis Kersten, Tigerton
10/30, 11-pointer, 222.2 lbs, scored 144, Shawano Co.
Nancy Lehman, Walworth
11/5/2016, 8 pt, 190 lbs., Walworth Co
Mark & Patty Giese, Pewaukee
11/12, Crawford Co., Net score: 137 3/8.
Jim Finn, Duluth, MN
9/2, Harvested near Onalaska, WI
Lester Rayome, Hudson
11/3, Coyote, Marquette Co.
Mike Birkholz, DeForest
10/31, 8-pointer, Score: 143 5/8.
Don Voss, Beaver Dam
11/12, 13-point 165 lbs, Columbia Co.
Gary Birkholz, Windsor
11/3, 8-pointer
Paul Wickingson, Overland Park, KS
11/2016, Miami Co., Kansas
Rick Schnel
Michael Sokol, Plymouth
10/1, SE Alaska harvest
Kiersten Mohlman, Columbus
11/5, First archery buck.
Buffalo Co.
Randy Kibler, Kenosha
County of Harvest: Trempealeau
Dale Goytowski, Waunakee
5/8/2016, Buffalo fish
Ted Krause, Whitewater
11/11, 184 2/8 Non-typical, P&Y, Vernon Co.
Jake "Weasel" Jacobson
12/16, La Crosse Co. (During a snow storm.)
Rick Schnell, Mequon
James Lange, Milton
10/21, 8-pointer, Jefferson Co.
David Roed, Wind Lake
11/5, 10-pointer, Adams Co.
Tracy Bins, Green Bay
First archery buck harvest, 12/23, Brown Co.
Jonathon Ballinger, Amherst Junction
11/11, 13-yr old Jonathon's first big game bow-harvested animal! 250lbs, Portage Co.
Darren Hamilton, Janesville
11/13, 215lbs, 19.5" inside spread, green score 142", Monroe Co
Jon Freeland
Brook Burling, Wisconsin Rapids
10/30, Trempealeau Co
Tim Johnston, 	Alma Center
10/29, 22 1/2" Spread, Harvested with Mathews Halon, Jackson Co
Kiersten Mohlman, Columbus
11/5, Buffalo Co
Gary Martin, Union Grove
12/13, 174 2/8" bighorn sheep, West Arizona
Shirley Allen, Omro
4/13, Vernon Co
Wright Allen, Omro
4/13, Vernon Co
Mike Brust, Wausau
Fall, 22 1/4#, Marathon Co
Don Rogalski, Clintonville
9/19, Waupaca Co.
Mike Brust, Wausau
11/2, 142#, Marathon Co.
Jay Robenhagen, Marion
1/15, Ashland Co
Brenda Schroeder
8/2016, 270#, Bear Paw Landing, Ontario, Canada
Mike Brust, Wausau
Spring 2016, 23 1/2#, Marathon Co
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Judah Schmude
Lee J. Kleim, Onalaska
11/1/2015, 186#, LaCrosse Co
Jacob Horstman, LaCrosse
Age 17, LaCrosse Co
Junior Krolow
10/31/2015, 216#, Shawano Co
Chad Crass, Grafton
1/6/2015, Jackson Co
Dennis Felts
10/26/2015, 164#, Shawano Co
Richard Schnell, Mequon
5/16/2015, Ozaukee Co
Elly Miller
Horicon Marsh Bowmen, 10/31/2015, Richland Co
Brian Tessman, Waukesha
11/13/2015, Rusk Co
Colton Zimmerman, Antigo
9/17/2015, 10 pt, Langlade Co
Alden Bosben, SunPrairie
5/15, Florence Co.
Rachel Senft, Elkhorn
11-10-2015, Walworth Co
Carlyle Beecher, Verona
Opening Day 2015, Dane Co
Brian Dorman, Windsor
10/23/2015, Marquette Co
Austin Felts, Friendship
11/1/2015, 181#, Shawano Co
Cliff Haney, Evansville
11/7/2015, 11 pts, Crawford Co
Randy Jacobson, La Crosse
10/29/2015, La Crosse Co
Duane Clemens
11/5/2015, 148 3/8, 217#, 9 pts, Dane Co
Tony Wenninger, Egg Harbor
11/7/2015, 9 pt, Taylor Co
Clarence Koch, Oshkosh
9/20/2015, 165#, 10 pt, Winnebago Co
Harold Havlik
10/18/2015, Dane Co
Nick Wegner, Franklin
10/17/2015, 228# Dressed, Buffalo Co
Eric Wichman, Friendship
11/16/2015, Alligator, 11 ft, 430#, Lake Marion, So Carolina
Todd Kurszewski
9/12/2015, P&Y net score 136”, 11 pt, Waupaca Co
Mark Lemke, Waunakee
4/17/2015, Iowa Co
Dan Norder, Bear Creek
4/24/2015, 23#, 10 1/2" beard, No spurs, Outagamie Co
Mike Paulcheck
5/3/2015, 2-Bearded Non-Typical, Columbia Co
Mike Paulcheck
5/7/2015, Big Tom w/Long Spurs, Columbia Co
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Tracy Bins, Green Bay

8 pt. buck harvested 9/30/2018 in Brown County.