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WBH Benefactor Program

It’s an unseasonably cool morning in late September. The leaves are crunchy as a hard frost temporarily chills down the forest floor. You are settled comfortably into your tree when the sound of footsteps alerts you to something’s approach. You glance over your shoulder and get a glimpse of large antlers attached to a large buck, casually walking toward you. His path take him to within 15 yards of you, the shot is good and you see him fall about 50 yards from your tree. Your heart races as you walk up to the downed deer, taking your first good look at him. Then it hits you. Your bow season is over. You are going to have to spend the rest of the fall doing yard work and going antiquing with your wife.

   Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But, it happens. Sometimes you hunt all season without seeing the buck you are after.Sometimes good fortune smiles on you the first time out. When it does, you don’t have to hang up your bow for the fall. Why not keep on hunting for small game!?Not only can you increase your days afield, WBH offers a great small game awards program to recognize your accomplishments.

Small Game Card

by Dave Peterson

   The small game awards program is easy to participate in. Simply:

  • Contact the WBH office to request your small game awards card.  

  • There are cards for levels 1, 2, and 3, plus an Honor Roll card, and each card costs $1.00.

  • You reach levels 1, 2, and 3 when you earn 125 points, 275 points, and 450 points respectively.

  • Your points carry over from one level to the next.

  • You will be added to the WBH Honor Roll for each additional 125 points earned.

  • Upon completing level 1 you will receive a recognition plaque.

  • Upon completion of levels 2 and 3 you will receive an engraved name plate to be affixed to the plaque.

  • Once your plaque is complete for all three levels you will be added to the WBH Honor Role for each additional card completed.

Benefactor Horstmans.jpg
WBH Benefactor Program Holds Its First Annual Benefactor Breakfast

   The small game awards card lists qualifying
small game animals in five categories. Each
category lists the points earned per animal taken, plus the total allowable points in that category. You must take animals from at least
three categories to complete each level. Take as long as you need to complete each card.

   So, why not consider extending your bowhunting time afield by adding small game, and participating in a great recognition program at the same time!


WBH Small Game
Award Program

On Saturday, March 6, 2021, WBH held its first annual WBH Benefactor Breakfast, in conjunction with the 80th Annual WBH Convention.  Fourteen attendees enjoyed a casual breakfast, along with a short presentation to thank them for their generous support.  At this time, each donor in attendance also received their donor plaque and witnessed the drawing for a beautiful framed wildlife print.  The print was won by gold level donors Lou and Carol Kindred.


In its first year, the WBH Benefactor Program received donations from 25 supporters, at all donation levels, totaling over $7,000.00.  Interest in the program continues to grow, with additional donors stepping forward on a regular basis.  The support of these generous benefactors is vital to the mission of WBH and is greatly appreciated.    


As a reminder, participation in the WBH Benefactor Program may be on an annual or intermittent basis and donation levels can vary from year to year.  Once enrolled in the program, donors receive a renewal notice on their anniversary date each year that may be used to send in another donation.  The program has three levels of giving for your monetary gift to the WBH as follows:

Platinum             $500.00 or more

Gold                     $350.00 minimum

Silver                    $200.00 minimum


Each donor receives an attractive awards plaque with the program name, their name, and a plate stating the level and year of giving.  In subsequent years they receive an additional plate to update their plaque. Donors are also recognized in each issue of The Bowhunter magazine.  In addition, each current year donor and a guest are invited to a special WBH Benefactor Breakfast, hosted by the WBH President, on the Saturday of the WBH convention.  Also, at this breakfast, there is a drawing for a quality prize to be drawn from the names of all current program participants.


The WBH Benefactor Program plays a part in enabling WBH to continue the fight to promote, preserve and protect bowhunting in Wisconsin.