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​Do you want to join WBH
as a Youth member?

You need to be 17 years old or younger.

What it's all about:​
  • Cost is $10 per year

  • Receive your own personal membership card

  • Be eligible for awards

  • Support WBH and the future of your favorite sport


if you can sign up as a "Youth" member!

Some BOWHUNTING & ARCHERY facts you might not know:
Give it a try!​
  1. What do we call the part of the arrow that attaches to the string?

  2. What is the name of the part of the arrow that helps it fly correctly?

  3. There are three feet in yard. If your marker says "shoot at 15 yards," what will the distance be in feet?

  4. Is Archery an Olympic sport?

  5. When shooting with bow and arrow, what is the number one rule?

LINKS that may interest YOU(th):

Centershot Ministries

Centershot Ministries is an offshoot of the wildly successful NASP program, created to not only provide similar archery programs through churches, but also to coordinate those programs with Christian and biblical teaching.

Kicking Bear

A faith-based organization founded and directed by Ray Howell to provide outdoor opportunities for youth.

NASP - National Archery in the Schools Program

NASP was formed in 2001 in Kentucky to promote archery as a school activity.  In a few short years it has grown to include thousands of schools across the country and around the world.  If your school doesn’t have a NASP program, it should.

NASP Winter of 2022 Report  (PDF)

S3DA Winter of 2022 Report  (PDF)





FOR THE VERY YOUNG (at heart?)

Download these fun coloring pages of the great outdoors. Ask your parents if you can print them so you can add your artistry!


​COLOR THE WILD WILDERNESS images brought to you by Crayola and


Members Helping Members

By Ruth Albrecht


     On November 12, 2022, Roy Wilson from Racine called me to say that he would like to donate and pass along his recurve bow. Director Greg Prince, who lives in the area, picked the bow up from Roy and gave it to me at our January board meeting. I then contacted Cheryl Braun from the Horicon Marsh Bowmen to see if she knew of anyone that would appreciate this recurve bow. Cheryl knew of a worthy recipient. I handed the bow off to her at Horicon’s WBH Benefit Banquet on February 6th, which Cheryl, her husband and I volunteered at. Cheryl gave the bow to Jason Hensler of the Racine Instinctive Bowmen.

     The rest is history and another example of members helping members!

Thank you again Roy for your generous donation!

     Following is a letter that I received from Jason. The photo is Jason Hensler and his daughter, Elise.



 I wanted to write a note of gratitude regarding the bow that was donated and given to me by Don and Cheryl.  I have been a long-time compound bow user and hunter but recently, due to the interest of my daughter, have been adventuring into traditional archery. 

 I grew up using a hand me down longbow from my grandfather, which sparked my interest in archery and bowhunting.  I learned to shoot with that bow and for the last couple of years I, have been teaching both my kids how to shoot with it.  It has, however, run its life cycle and I was looking for a recurve or longbow, once again.  My daughter is an active competition shooter and hunter with a recurve and compound and was adamant that I get one to go to the traditional competitions around the state with her.  I am also interested in using it for bowhunting in the coming seasons. 

            I really appreciate the donation and please know that it has brought much joy to me and my children.  It will have a great home and be treated well so when I am through with it, I will donate it back to another archer looking to get into the sport of traditional archery.  Thank you for the commitment you show to our sport and trust that the bow will be well used.


Jason Hensler

-------------------------------------------------------------YOUTH PHOTO GALLERIES-------------------------------------------------------------

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Lindquist brothers
Markus Sleiter & his Dad, Nathan
Kaleb Hornback & his mother, Kristina Crapp
Ava Lynch
Matthew Gulvik
Kristina Crapp
Christopher Voges
Logan Lynch
Evie Cockrum
McKinley Hellenbrand
Charlotte Zoerb
John Kahon lV
Kirby and Clara
Weston McKenna
Alaina & Aaron Bartnick
Kellen Ikert
Aubree Reider
Levi Hoffmann
Hope Boothe
Allie and Jack Meyer
David and Elaine Butler
RAFD 2022 Camp Bows
Jamison & Max Steinweis
Geralyn Clover
Kira Salsano
Mark St. Martin lll
Wyatt & Chase Jensen
Adrian & Autumn Lueck
Terry Wadel
Wyatt See
Marcus Sleiter
Jacob Horstman, LaCrosse, Age 17, Co
John Kahon lV
John Kahon
Luis Arellano
Christian Neu
Current WBH Bow Loaner Kit Recipients Gallery
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Youth Hunting Success
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