Many members ask what more they can do to support WBH.  And one of the best answers would be to help strengthen our membership, because a large membership base is critical to almost everything we do.  

We all know bowhunting friends or relatives, or even new bowhunters that for many reasons have not joined WBH.  As a sponsor you now have a convenient way to get them involved in WBH - and get some recognition and perhaps win valuable prizes at the same time.

As a sponsor:

  • You will be recognized with the new member in The Bowhunter magazine.

  • Your name will also be entered in our tri-annual membership drive drawing for valuable prizes.

  • Your name will also be entered in a special drawing just for sponsors at our annual convention.

  • The member you sponsor will receive a letter from WBH letting them know you sponsored and paid their membership as a gift and to support WBH

  • The gift you provide to a bowhunting friend, relative, or youth grants them all the benefits of membership in WBH and exposes them to all that WBH does for them.

  • You will be helping strengthen WBH and our membership base so we can continue to be effective in promoting, preserving and protecting the great sport of bowhunting here in Wisconsin.

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