I’ve been told that a turkey has a brain about the size of an acorn.  It really hurts to be constantly outsmarted by them.  You can about guess how well my turkey season went.  I had the third season this year and a combination of me being a terrible caller and a bunch of toms who already had plenty of lady friends in tow did me in.  I saw turkeys almost every time out.  The toms would answer me, but had no interest in leaving a sure thing.  On Saturday morning I thought I was finally going to connect.  I had a tom calling from close by and at sun up two hens came off the roost from the same direction and landed 10 yards from me, right in my decoy spread.  Next came the tom, sailing in, sailing in, and landing about 100 yards out.  He was in plain sight of what should have been a feast for his eyes.  Instead, he just held right there.  That is, until the two hens walked down to the bottom of the field, about 100 yards below me.  Then old Tommy Boy decides to walk down there and join them.  That was about the story of my whole season.  But, several of you were luckier than I, as evidenced by many great photos in the WBH website photo gallery.  Congratulations to all of the successful turkey hunters.  And to those of you who fared as well as I, better luck next Spring.

At the June Board of Directors meeting, we drew for the winner of the Rambo Bike Raffle.  Congratulations to Mark Krueger of Plymouth, WI.  And a big thank you to all of you who purchased tickets and made this one of the most successful raffles we have held.  WBH would not exist without your generous support!

The 75th WBH State Broadhead Shoot is fast approaching.  After having to cancel the shoot last year due to COVID 19 restrictions, it feels mighty fine to be planning for this year’s event on September 10 – 12.

This year Stay Sharp, the maker of Stay Sharp Broadhead Sharpening Guides will be sponsoring the WBH broadhead shoot.  This year’s shoot will include a free tee shirt for everyone who signs up and shoots the broadhead course.  We have also added an additional 20 target 3D course that you will be able to shoot for fun using either field points or broadheads.  We wish to thank Dan Schroeder, WDNR Archery Education Program Administrator, for his assistance in setting up the 3D portion of the shoot.  It is our hope that this will draw in some younger shooters, such as those who currently participate in the S3DA program, but again, the course will be open to everyone.  We will also have the WBH Hover Ball game on site for the kids, and the kids at heart.  Stay Sharp is also working with several other Wisconsin archery companies to sponsor a “virtual” scavenger hunt in conjunction with the WBH broadhead shoot.  There will be lots of great prizes you can win, sponsored by many fine archery companies.  WBH wishes to thank all of these sponsors for their generous support.   Look for additional details on both the WBH state broadhead shoot and the scavenger hunt inside this issue of The Bowhunter.  If you are already planning to come to the shoot, consider bringing a friend along and introducing them to all that WBH has to offer.

Legislatively, WBH is still watching Assembly bill AB165 and Senate bill SB192, which seek to eliminate the separate archery and crossbow seasons and combine them into one.  As stated before, WBH does not feel that this is in the best interest of bowhunters, or deer hunters in general.  As of this writing, WBH members and others have testified before the Assembly Sporting Heritage Committee regarding AB165.  The majority of the testimony was in opposition to the bill.  We are continuing to monitor the situation.  You can read more about this in Mike Brust’s Legislative Report.


On the membership front, I continue to see many people renewing their memberships and many new members signing up as well.  The core mission of WBH is to Preserve, Promote and Protect Bowhunting.  I thank each of you, whether you are a long-standing member or have just recently joined the association.  It is only through the strength of our membership that we can carry out our core mission.  There will be times when we will not all agree on a particular issue, but it is that core mission that ties us all together.  Look for the list of recent new members in the magazine’s News and Notes section.  If you recognize a name, please make a point of welcoming them to WBH the next time you see them!  And, remember that you are our greatest resource for signing up new members.  

From time to time the office receives requests to have an officer or director visit one of our affiliated archery clubs.  The requests may be to have WBH explain the association’s position on various issues.  It may simply be a request to introduce the club’s newer members to what WBH is all about.  Either way, we are always happy to connect with the clubs and their members.  Whatever the reason, don’t hesitate to contact the office to arrange a visit.  As directors, we are always willing and able to talk with you about WBH any time.

As this issue of The Bowhunter hits your mailbox our thoughts are turning toward the upcoming hunting seasons.  Whether your plans include out of state trips for elk, antelope, moose, bear or whatever; or if you are concentrating on whitetails, bears or turkeys here at home, I wish you all the very best of luck!  I hope this season brings you an experience of a lifetime.  Maybe even one that you will want to share with your fellow members in an upcoming issue of this magazine.  After all, this is YOUR magazine.

Wishing all of you health and happiness, and arrows that fly straight and hit their mark.

Dave Peterson
Wisconsin Bowhunters Association