President’s Message

It never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies!  It seems like only days ago I was shooting winter league, summer 3D shoots and just practicing in general to get ready for the fall bowhunting season.  Then in the blink of an eye another season has come and gone.  I was able to connect on a last day antelope in South Dakota and a nice 8-point buck here in Wisconsin.  Now, as you are reading this, the winter leagues are starting up again.  The circle of life for a bowhunter I guess.

Speaking of practicing, WBH held its 75th annual State Broadhead Shoot on September 10 – 12, 2021.  While attendance could have been better, those who did make it to the shoot had a great time.  We were blessed with an awesome weekend weather-wise, making for a very enjoyable time on the course for everyone.  We tried a few new things this year, with mixed success.  As we go forward, we will continue to work to make the event a worthwhile activity that folks look forward to.  My thanks to everybody who worked so hard to make the shoot a success.  As many of you know, holding a shoot is not as simple as just setting up a few targets and opening up the doors.  It takes a lot of time and effort to make sure things run smoothly.  I also want to thank Stay Sharp for sponsoring the broadhead shoot and treasure hunt this year.  The support we have received from Stay Sharp is truly amazing.  Look for a more detailed recap of the broadhead shoot in the Inside WBH article in this edition of the magazine.

Staying with the practicing theme, what is the main reason why we all practice?  To me, it is to be a more confident and successful bowhunter.  Once you’ve achieved that success, WBH has several awards programs to recognize and honor all of your hard work.  Unfortunately, many of our members fail to take advantage of these programs.  I know one young hunter in my local bow club who has several deer and at least one coyote under his belt.  I would love to see his gold pin, and the stones in it representing those milestones.  Alas, my young hunting friend has so far failed to take advantage of the gold pin and big game honor roll programs.  Maybe you know of other folks in the same boat.  These programs are all benefits of membership in WBH.  Take advantage of them!  If you are unsure of what award programs are out there, check with your district director, check out the WBH website or contact the office.

This fall, WBH has been working in conjunction with the WDNR CWD Committee to review and update the department’s 15-year CWD plan.  While this is a very complex issue, with many twists and turns over the years, it is good to have been invited to sit at the table and provide input from the hunter’s point of view.  It is premature at this point to say what changes, if any, will be made to the CWD plan.  We will continue to participate in the process and will provide you with updates as needed until the final plan is published.

Legislatively, WBH is still watching Assembly bill AB165 and Senate bill SB192. If this sounds like a repeat of my last message, well, it is.  These two bills seek full inclusion of crossbows into the archery deer season.  There has been no additional movement on either of these bills and they SEEM to be off the table for now.  It appears that legislators chose not to advance these bills after hearing from WBH and many of our members that contacted them or testified about our concerns.  But, never say never, so we will continue to monitor both bills in case they see some resurgence of activity.

Here's a heads up on another article that you will be seeing in this edition of the magazine.  Directors Ruth Albrecht and Bill McCrary have teamed up to present an article titled “What the Wisconsin Bowhunters Association Does for Me - The Benefits of Membership.”  WBH is always focused on growing the membership, and rightly so.  Our strength is in our membership.  However, we sometimes


forget that our focus needs to also be trained on retaining members once they have joined.  The information that Ruth and Bill have pulled together is targeted toward you, our current members.  As mentioned above regarding the WBH awards programs, there are other benefits of membership that we want to make sure you are aware of, and take advantage of.  It is our hope that by reading the article, you will have a good sense of why remaining a WBH member is of value to you.  It may also help you as you discuss the benefits of membership with those you are trying to introduce to WBH.


Among the benefits of membership in WBH is the chance to occasionally win some great prizes!  For example, we wrapped up our Big Bucks in November Raffle, resulting in $500.00 per day going out to the lucky winners.  And, we are currently raffling off a Polaris 450 ATV to one lucky winner.  WBH would not be able to continue day to day operations without your generous support of our various fundraising activities.  But nothing is ever easy.  As you noticed when we sent out the information for the ATV Raffle, postal and Wisconsin gaming regulations will not allow the mailing of raffle tickets or order forms to our members.  As such, we must rely on you to contact the office to request tickets.  We can then mail them to you to fulfill the order.  This is a more cumbersome process for all of us, but hopefully we can still count on you to navigate the system and continue supporting your organization.


As stated in my opening, time sure does fly.  In this edition of the magazine, you will see information regarding our upcoming 2022 WBH Convention.  It seems like we just wrapped up the last one and already we are full speed ahead planning for this year’s convention.  We will be holding it in Stevens Point, and due to your overwhelmingly positive response, it will be a one-day event. I am very pleased to announce that once again, our convention will be sponsored by Stay Sharp.  This generous support allows us to do some special things that we just could not do without the additional financial support.  Check out the convention section to get all of the details.  I look forward to seeing everyone in Stevens Point.  It is always a great time, and a special chance to catch up with old friends and maybe make some new ones!


Wishing you all health and happiness.


Dave Peterson


Wisconsin Bowhunters Association