By the time you read this, hopefully the snow will be gone and we will be well into another Wisconsin Spring.  Flocks of waterfowl flying north, countless songbirds singing, displaying, and getting ready to nest, new growth returning to take us from grays and browns to vibrant greens.  And turkeys, stupid turkeys…  Wait a minute.  I decided I was going to be more positive about turkey hunting this year.  After all, a big part of doing something is thinking you can do it.  So, here goes, I am going to arrow a turkey this year.  Let’s see how that works out for me!

     Another sure sign of Spring is all of the 3D shoots put on by the various archery clubs throughout the state.  Be sure to check out the ads in this issue of The Bowhunter.  If you are willing to travel a little, you can find someplace to shoot just about every weekend.  Not only is it great practice, it’s also very cool to visit the various clubs, shoot new courses and meet a lot of great folks along the way.

     I would like to start off by personally recognizing Bob Lenz, Bill McCrary and Guy Schultz, 3 directors who chose to step down from their director positions.  It has been my pleasure to work with each of these men and I thank them wholeheartedly for their many contributions to WBH.

     At the same time, I would like to welcome 3 new members to the WBH board of directors.  Ken Rimer has accepted an appointment to fill a vacancy in District 3 for 2022.  David Wegner was elected to a 3-year position in District 10.  JW Simms has accepted an appointment to fill a vacancy in District 9 for 2022.  I welcome Ken, David and JW and look forward to working with them to keep WBH moving forward.   

     The annual WBH Convention was held on Saturday, March 5, 2022 in Stevens Point, WI.  This was the 81st annual convention.  Talk about an association with staying power!  A special thank you goes out to Stay Sharp for sponsoring this year’s convention.  This generous support goes a long way toward helping us make the convention an enjoyable experience for everyone.  As always, it was great to see old friends and make some new ones from among the membership.  Between the seminars, vendor hall and the various raffles, folks were well entertained throughout the day. A big bonus this year was that not only were we able to again hold a NASP Tournament, we were able to hold it right next to the vendor hall.  This gave folks plenty of opportunity to watch the shooters in action throughout the day.  A big thank you goes out to WBH member Dan Schroeder for his never-ending support of this tournament.  And, I would be remiss if I did not mention our WBH Office Administrator, Julie Rettler.  Without all of Julie’s behind the scenes efforts, frankly, our convention would not happen.  Thanks Julie! 

     One of the highlights of convention is the annual Benefactors Breakfast.  This was the second year we have held this event to personally thank the participants in the WBH Benefactor Program.  At the breakfast we gave away a framed print to one of our benefactors.  This year the print went to Platinum benefactors Brian and Patty Horstmann.  On behalf of WBH, I wish to thank the Horstmann’s, along with all of our other Platinum, Gold and Silver benefactors for their generous support.  If you are interested in participating in the WBH Benefactor Program, check out the ad in this issue of The Bowhunter. 

     Speaking of generous support, I wish to acknowledge Horicon Marsh Bowmen and their contribution of $25,000.00, presented to WBH during the annual awards banquet.  This marks the 25th year that Horicon Marsh Bowmen have supported WBH, with contributions totaling nearly $500,000.00.  There are not words enough to express the gratitude of WBH for the ongoing support that Horicon Marsh Bowmen has given.  Their generosity speaks to the character of, and dedication of each and every member of the club in preserving, promoting and protecting bowhunting for all of us.  Their support, along with the support of each of you, whether it be as new members, membership renewals, donations, purchasing of raffle tickets, or whatever, helps us continue to work to keep bowhunting alive and well in Wisconsin.  Thanks to all of you!

     Speaking of raffles, I would like to congratulate Sharon Callaway of Weyauwega, WI, the winner of the Polaris 450 ATV in our 2022 ATV Raffle.  Thank you to Sharon and everyone else who

purchased raffle tickets to support WBH.  Your opportunity to win big does not end here though.  We currently have the Rambo Bike Raffle running and coming soon will be the annual Save Our Sport or SOS Raffle, where you have 25 chances to win Cabela’s or Fleet Farm gift cards.  Check out our ads in The Bowhunter for raffle ticket information. 

     I know I sound like a broken record at times when I mention our ongoing efforts to attract new members to WBH, along with retaining our current member base.  Hopefully, as members, you see the benefits of membership and are positioned to tell others about what WBH has to offer.  Please keep WBH front and center in your mind when talking to your fellow bowhunters.  You might be surprised by how many people you may be able to steer toward WBH simply by casual conversation.

     One benefit in particular that you may be able to use as a strong membership selling point is the WBH Bow Loaner Kit Program.  This program is managed by the WBH Archery Recruitment Committee (formerly listed as the Youth Committee).  This program focuses on providing archery equipment to people who are interested in archery, but are not quite sure if they want to take the plunge.  The program provides loaner equipment that can be checked out for a one-year period.  This gives the participants the opportunity to test drive the sport without having to invest the money into equipment up front.  It has proven to be a very successful program, and most of the people who have received loaner kits appear to have been sold on the archery experience.  We currently have a 10-person waiting list to get equipment.  Check out the article in the Youth Section of The Bowhunter about the Lindquist triplets to get a firsthand account of the loaner program in action.  Contact the WBH office for more information about the program.

     And, here’s another one for you.  You know how you sometimes just take it for granted that because you know how something works, everyone else should understand too?  Well, it turns out that this was exactly the case with the WBH Big Game Questionnaire.  The purpose of the form is to report your annual bow harvested game animals in order to receive your gold pin/stones, harvest patches and listings in the WBH Honor Roll.  Having kind of a confusing name, and kind of a confusing layout, the actual purpose of this form was lost on many of our members.  You will see an updated version of the form in this issue of The Bowhunter, complete with a new name, The WBH Big Game Harvest Reporting Form.  Hopefully this revised form, with clearer instructions right up front, will make it a little easier, especially for new members, to take advantage of this recognition program.

     I have touched on just a few of the items you will find in the Spring issue of The Bowhunter.  We are always looking for articles from you, our members.  In fact, here is a challenge for you!  Turkey hunting is in full swing right now.  How about a member story about your turkey bowhunt this season?  I, for one, would love to hear about how a successful turkey hunter does it.  Oh, wait, remember, I’m going to be more positive this season…

     Wishing all of you success in all you do!

Dave Peterson


Wisconsin Bowhunters Association